AC Outage

We need to raise $5000 to help pay for the new air conditioning unit we had to have installed September 23rd, when our old system died! With 96 degree heat and wearing a fur coat the bunnies got ice water bottles to help them stay cool throughout the day. Volunteers setup fans and ice buckets to try and keep the air cool while the system was switched out. Fortunately we were only out of cool air for one day and the new unit is performing well! If you can help you can make a donation by clicking on the bunny and fan icon to help us with this unexpected expenditure. Thanks for your support!

AC Outage AC Outage
AC Outage AC Outage


Ruby Eyed WhitesRuby Eyed Whites (REWs)

HRRN is celebrating Ruby Eye Whites (REWs – pronounced roos).
Some of the sweetest bunnies in the shelter!
Click here to see some of our available bunnies!

RojoRojo The Rabbit

On Sunday November 2nd, House Rabbit Resource Network announced “The Rojo Fund”, in honor of Rojo who passed a month ago. His fund will be dedicated to paying for medical treatment for abused and injured rabbits. Our goal is to raise $10,000. We have raised $4001 so far.

We have already been able to help Saffron and McCoy with their veterinary bills.

If you would like to honor Rojo’s life with a contribution to the Rojo Fund please click the image below

Gone yet not forgotten,
although we are apart,
your spirit lives within us,
forever in our hearts.

This poem holds true for anyone who has lost a bunny or bunnies.

Thirsty Planet

Buntoberfest Roundup!

Thanks to our friends at Thirsty Planet Brewery in Dripping Springs we raised over $2000 with tip money, donations and t-shirt sales!



August 17th: Tell Whole Foods Market to Stop Selling Bunny Meat!

Learn more about the nationwide Day of Action Focused on Whole Foods, with 44 demonstrations on Sunday.
Click here

House Rabbit Society
148 Broadway, Richmond, CA 94804

Rabbit Companions

Missed our “Introducing Your Rabbit Companion To a Canine Companion” Workshop
by Shannon McCauley with Best Friends Training?

See the video of the workshop by clicking here

* Note: Human bite 120 PSI. Average domestic dog about 320 PSI. Many breeds ARE greater though.


bunny wrap rings

Small Pet Select Promo
Get a free ring with purchase of timothy hay or pellets and 10% of sales is donated to HRRN!  Use Coupon Code RESRING when ordering. Click on the image to go to their website.

Do you have apple trees? You can donate your tree trimmings to the shelter buns if your trees haven’t been treated with pesticides. Bring them to the bunny boutique during store hours.

Glad to see you here!flicka and checkers

  • Want to know more about rabbits?
  • Want to adopt a rabbit?
  • Does your current bunny need a honey?
  • Interested in volunteering?

Click here and an HRRN bunny buddy will contact you!

Featured Bunnies of the Month
Check out our Red Eyed Whites – they are our featured bunnies of the month!
Click here to see some of our available bunnies!

Zin and Majik

Zin and Majik




Amaryllis is a 1 year old spayed female, New Zealand White. She would be great for a family with children.

Einstein and Lil Sweetie

Einstein and Lil Sweetie

Major and Cole

Major and Cole

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House Rabbit Resource Network has been serving Austin area rabbits for 20 years.

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