2019 Adoption Close Out


We end the year with photos of the first adopted rabbit of 2019, and the last. Dr. Pepper hopped off to his forever home on 1/3/2019, and Mary Hoppins closed out the year hopping off to her forever home on 12/31/2019. 

Dr. Pepper, our first adoption of 2019.
Mary Hoppins, our last adoption of 2019.

We thought y’all might like to see 2019’s  close out numbers: HRRN adopted out a total of 202 rabbits! We took in 228 rabbits: 

  • 51 of those were from 8 different local county shelters
  • 141 were direct intakes/strays
  • 36 were returned from previous adoptions
  • We spayed 69 rabbits and neutered 71, totaling 140 fixed rabbits
  • 9 rabbits had major life-saving surgeries (thanks to all who donated to Rojo’s Fund)

We had a great year and couldn’t have done it without all of you. A huge thank you to everyone who donates, volunteers, and/or supports HRRN in any way you can, you’re the reason we’re still here and able to save bunny lives year after year.

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