Adoption Application

Fill out an application form, either online or a printed version (PDF format) which you will need to mail to us.

If you have any problems submitting the application please call or email

Lori Helgren,
Adoption Coordinator
at 512-444-EARS (3277)
or email:

Please answer the following questions before deciding on your potential rabbit. We try to ensure the best possible match between animal and adopter. Remember that this is a lifetime commitment. You will be asked to sign a legal contract when adopting one of our rabbits and you must pay an adoption fee. This fee includes spaying or neutering. The fees go directly to HRRN to help pay for upkeep and medical care. Keep in mind the following points:

  • The adopter must be within driving distance of Austin, Texas.  We do not ship rabbits.
  • Rabbits must be indoors.
  • Rabbits may not be declawed.
  • HRRN does not adopt to classroom situations.
  • Indoor rabbits live an average of 8 – 10 years. We are looking for those special adopters who will make every effort possible to keep their companion for the entire life of the rabbit despite life style changes (divorce, moving, etc).
  • Rabbits may not be adopted as gifts. All members of a household should visit the prospective rabbit and apply for adoption.
  • Rabbits will not be placed in a home where there is an unneutered or unspayed rabbit.
  • We do not adopt rabbits to children. We DO adopt rabbits to families. An adult must sign the adoption contract and take ultimate responsibility for the care of the rabbit. Please do not have your children call or email. Applicants under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian apply on their behalf.

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