Have You Found A Wild Rabbit?

wild rabbits
What should you do when you find a wild bunny?
Wild baby bunnies in a nest might not be abandoned! Don’t assume they need your help until you learn how to determine if they really need your help.
If you find a wild rabbit that needs assistance contact your local wild life resuce organization. In the Austin, Texas metropolitan area contact:

Wildlife Haven

Wildlife Haven is non-profit, licensed wildlife rehabilitator located in Williamson County, Texas. Sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife from the Austin metropolitan area are taken in as space availability permits. Animals are placed with state and federally permitted volunteers to care for and release when appropriate. Receiving no government funding, Wildlife Haven relies entirely upon the volunteers and individual contributors to invest time and money needed to provide sufficient care. These are wonderfully dedicated individuals. Please consider a financial donation in support of Wildlife Haven if you find yourself in need of their services.


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