Anya and Newton-Our Story

anya and newtonDear HRRN,
       I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how great things are going. You know how unsure I was of getting two vs. one, and I am glad to admit I was soooooo wrong. You were absolutely soooooo right. They are wonderful together and have “burrowed” their way into our hearts. Their personalities are coming out. Newton is pretty chilled out and Anya is feisty and inquisitive. They are so excited when we come to let them out of the cage, they can hardly stand it! Busting to get out . . . . and because we’ve been giving them lots of leafy veggie treats, they follow us around like puppy dogs. We are an outdoorsy family and spend as much time as we can in our back yard. The bunnies join us and LOVE it. Lots of bunny binkies. The other animals have welcomed them into the fold as well. Everyone seems really happy, especially the humans. We love our new additions. I can’t imagine not having them now! Thank you.

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