The Litterbox

Yes, rabbits can and do learn to use the box!
The House Rabbit Society website has an excellent section on
the litterbox

The list below summarizes the main points of managing the litterbox. Litterbox Training is also available in a printed version (PDF version).

Where to Start

  • Spaying or neutering your rabbit improves housetraining.
  • Use lots of litterboxes at first – then you can cut back.
  • Restrict your rabbit’s freedom to a single room. Increase freedom
  • Keep one litterbox inside your rabbit’s cage.
  • Spaying/neutering your rabbit eliminates the marking of territory with
    feces and urine – it will improve his/her litterbox habits and behavior.
  • Never scold your rabbit. Prevent accidents (i.e. “remind” your rabbit to go back to his/her litterbox every 10 minutes until they get in the habit of returning themselves).
  • Remember there is no such thing as a “perfect” pet.
  • Reward good behavior.
  • Give treats (small piece of fruit, raisin, vegetable, whole-wheat bread, etc.) when your rabbit is in his/her litterbox. Also, try putting one handful of alfalfa in the corner of the litterbox each day. Many rabbit’s will eliminate while eating.
  • Pine and cedar shavings have been shown to cause liver disease in
    rabbits. Don’t use these products.
  • Pelleted pine is safe.
  • NEVER use clumping litter. Danerous when ingested, even inadvertently during grooming.

Cleaning Up


  • Fresh puddles: blot with paper towels/rags. Soak with white vinegar or club soda and blot. Repeat as necessary until stain/odor is removed.
  • Dried puddles: same as above or use an enzyme product such as Nature’s Miracle.


  • Scoop out soiled litter daily or cover with fresh litter.
  • Scrub box once a week or more often if needed. Use white vinegar to
    remove urine build-up. Cover bottom of pan with vinegar and allow to soak several minutes or longer. Scrape with a metal scraper or scrub with a wire brush.
  • Disinfect with a mild bleach solution (2-3 tablespoons bleach to 1-2 gallons water).
  • Never use Lysol or other similar products, the fumes of which can poison a rabbit over time – even when well-rinsed.

Good Litter Choices

  • Woody Pet / Equine Fresh – found at Tractor Supply Company
  • Care Fresh – found at Petsmart and Petco in the cat litter section
  • Yesterday’s News – found at Petsmart and Petco in the cat litter section

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