Before You Buy a Cage

Just because a pet store sells a cage, does not mean it is good for your rabbit or you!

MEASURE! Cramped cages can lend to a shorter lifespan, depression, refusal to eat, digestive illnesses, wire-pulling, and aggressiveness.

Is the cage at least

  • 24″ x 30″ x 16-18″ high for rabbits up to 6 pounds;
  • 24″ x 36″ x 16-18″ high for rabbits up to 8 pounds;
  • 36″ x 30″ x 18-24″ high for larger rabbits or a pair of small rabbits?

Is the cage twice as long as the fully outstretched ADULT rabbit?
Is the cage wide enough to allow the adult rabbit to fully stretch out?

Is the floor wire 0.25″ x 1″ 16-gauge welded cage wire with the 0.25″ spaced wires facing up? (GOOD)
Is the floor wire made of hardware cloth? (BAD)
Does the floor wire sag and bounce with light hand pressure? (BAD)
Is there a metal floor support bar? (GOOD)
Is the side wire 1″ x 2″ 14-gauge welded cage wire? (GOOD)
Is the side wire chicken wire or hardware cloth? (BAD)

Is the door at least 14″ x 16 “? (GOOD)
Can a litterbox fit through the door? (GOOD)
Does the cage have a side door opening out? (GOOD)
Does the cage have a side door opening up & in or down & out? (BAD)
Does the cage have only a top door? (BAD)
Does the door opening have rough edges? (BAD)
Does the door opening have smooth-filed edges or plastic guard strips? (GOOD)

Is there a metal or plastic pull-out tray? (GOOD)
Does the tray fit flush with the cage floor wire (GOOD, but watch out for rabbit? toes when sliding it!)

House Rabbit Resource Network Cages

HRRN builds and sells indoor cages which are competitively priced with the local market. Sales support rescue, foster, education, and adoption programs. Custom cages can be built to order. Contact HRRN at 444-3277. Cages can only be built for people who can travel to Austin to pick up their cage. Shipping costs are prohibitively expensive.

Find out more about HRRN’s rabbit cages.

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