HRRN Rabbit Cages

HRRN builds and sells indoor cages which are competitively priced with the local market. Sales support rescue, foster, education, and adoption programs. Custom cages can be built to order. Contact HRRN at 512-444-3277 or email us. Cages can only be built for people who can travel to Austin to pick up their cage. Shipping costs are prohibitively expensive.

24x42x24 size cage
24″ x 42″ x 24″ cage without a loft ($92.00)

24x42x24 size cage
24″ x 42″ x 24″ cage with loft ($97.00)

We also sell 24″ x 48″ x 24″ cage with loft ($107.00)

All of our cages feature:

  • Metal slide out trays with handle for ease of cleaning.
  • Large doors which open out to facilitate litter box (and reluctant bunny) removal.
  • Wire wrapped door openings, not just cut edges, which minimize scratches and cuts (no plastic door guards for bunny to chew and remove.)
  • Extra thick, galvanized after welding wire floors that are heavier, stronger, and extremely corrosion resistant (to industrial strength bunny-pee.)
  • Floor supports to minimize sagging and bouncing (especially for those “rear-wheel drive” bunnies.)
  • Aluminum and stainless steel j-clips, not the standard, run of the mill clips which can corrode

Despite these great features, our cages are for INDOOR USE ONLY (which is where your rabbit belongs!)
Optional features (with additional fee):

  • Lofts (available on 24″ high cages only) maize mats to cover the loft are included
  • Extra door on top of cage

Prices current as of 1-1-2015.


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