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One great way to get involved and help support House Rabbit Resource Network is by doing something most of us already love to do, shop

Photo of Bunny with Toys from the Bunny Boutique store. Shop for a Cause, all proceeds go to HRRN.

There are several companies who donate small portions of their proceeds to your charity of choice when you shop with them.  The great thing about this type of program is that it doesn’t cost you anything extra; just purchase your items from the specific companies below like you normally would, and when you check out, they will send HRRN a small portion of the proceeds! It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Shop for a Cause

Shop Small Pet Select

If you live too far away to shop our Bunny Boutique, consider getting all of your bunny's needs like hay, pellets, litter, and toys from Small Pet Select! Quality products delivered right to your door.

Click the button below or use the coupon code: RES-RRN to get 15% off your first order, and Small Pet Select donates a small referral fee to HRRN.

Shop Our Bunny Boutique Online

Our specially formulated papaya tablets can be purchased online on amazon and in our Shop section of this website. No artificial ingredients or preservatives, and all proceeds go directly to the shelter bunnies at HRRN.

Shop is a lot like amazon smile, but it is available for over 2,100 different stores. A percentage of what you spend is donated to your charity of choice (on average 3%). The stores pay for it all. You never pay more, and sometimes might pay less with coupons and deals. Shop normally (no special codes, no special anything) at any of the 2,100 participating stores. Once You check out, you'll see your donation go directly to HRRN.

Put HRRN on Your Randall's Reward Card

HRRN is a part of Randall's "Good Neighbor Program", our exclusive account number is 6401.

You can link HRRN to your Rewards card by completing a Good Neighbor Charity Addition/Deletion Form. The more people link their card to HRRN's account number, the more money the we can raise for the shelter bunnies.

Ebay for charity

Give to HRRN when you buy/sell on ebay

With eBay for Charity, you can support your favorite charities when you sell and buy items on eBay.

Wishlist Coming Soon

HRRN Amazon Wishlist

Check Out Our Amazon Wishlist

Much needed items for the shelter and our bunnies is on our Amazon Wishlist. Purchase something from the list and have it sent directly to us, or have it delivered to you and you can deliver it to the shelter yourself. Whatever works best for you. We are so appreciate of any help!

Wishlist Coming Soon

Other Ways You Can Help House Rabbit Resource Network