#GivingTuesday with House Rabbit Resource Network


This #GivingTuesday, House Rabbit Resource Network hopes to raise $10,000, which will go towards supporting our long-stay medical rabbits and their care needs.

The approximate cost per rabbit at our shelter per year is $235. But some rabbits require a little extra TLC—and TLC can get expensive. Here at HRRN, we are proud and extremely grateful to be able to give so many abandoned and neglected rabbits the medical care and rehabilitation they need—so they can get healthy and find that loving forever home each rabbit deserves!

Leading up to November 30, 2021, #GivingTueday, we are showcasing some of our long-stay medical bunnies who were medical success stories and have found their forever homes and happily ever afters.

Video Link from Youtube: https://youtu.be/wyey7GAnrHM

Our GivingTuesday Medical Bunny Showcase!

Each rabbit shown has benefitted from HRRN’s medical fund and has now hopped off to their forever home. 

Meet Minty!
Meet Brie and Bagel!
Meet Freedom!
Meet Bigfoot!
Meet Audrey!
Meet Josie!
Meet Hopper BT!
Meet Austin Powers!
Meet Pottsy and Starky!

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