Hop into Saks Fifth Ave. and Save a Bunny!

saks fifth ave.We are happy to announce that all day on Saturday March 31st Saks Fifth Avenue (on Great Hills Trail in the Arboretum) will be donating a portion of their sales to HRRN. We will be set up in the store with our educational materials and HRRN bunnies so the public can learn why its better to sponsor a real bunny or get a chocolate bunny instead of making an impulse buy at Easter. We will have a bunny ornament tree where shoppers can sponsor an HRRN bunny for a fee and receive a cute ornament and a certificate showing they helped out a bunny in need. Shoppers will be encouraged to shop to help HRRN by qualifying for prize Easter eggs with their purchases.

1. Can you work at this event?
2. Link to our Facebook page. We have flyers you can post. We only succeed if we get lots of shoppers into the store.
3. Can you or someone you know donate a prize for the Easter egg hunt? The prizes don’t have to fit in an egg. Several businesses have donated cash for us to buy prizes. Current donations include restaurant gift certificates, wine, and goodies from Saks. You will do something good for the bunnies and get recognition at the event. Appropriate documentation provided for these tax deductible donations. We can email you an info sheet you can use when talking to businesses.

Contact Sherry at 512-657-2485 or sherry.neyman@centexobgyn.com for details

Title: Hop into Saks Fifth Ave. and Support HRRN
Location: Saks Fifth Ave. (on Great Hills Trail in the Arboretum)
Directions: Click here
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2012-03-31
End Time: 19:00

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