Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce

HRRN sponsors “Morning Edition” networking event at Pflugerville Chamber of Commerce
"Morning Edition" 2012

HRRN board members Katie Moore and Penny Evans gave a presentation to Pflugerville business leaders on March 30th. HRRN is a proud new member of the Pflugerville Chamber for 2012. Many thanks to Katie and Penny for getting up early on a Friday morning. Special thanks to Gretchen Blackburn for creating a beautiful new tabletop trifold display explaining what HRRN does and featuring pictures of HRRN volunteers and bunnies. Great job!

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Hop into Saks Fifth Ave. and Save a Bunny!

saks fifth ave.We are happy to announce that all day on Saturday March 31st Saks Fifth Avenue (on Great Hills Trail in the Arboretum) will be donating a portion of their sales to HRRN. We will be set up in the store with our educational materials and HRRN bunnies so the public can learn why its better to sponsor a real bunny or get a chocolate bunny instead of making an impulse buy at Easter. We will have a bunny ornament tree where shoppers can sponsor an HRRN bunny for a fee and receive a cute ornament and a certificate showing they helped out a bunny in need. Shoppers will be encouraged to shop to help HRRN by qualifying for prize Easter eggs with their purchases.

1. Can you work at this event?
2. Link to our Facebook page. We have flyers you can post. We only succeed if we get lots of shoppers into the store.
3. Can you or someone you know donate a prize for the Easter egg hunt? The prizes don’t have to fit in an egg. Several businesses have donated cash for us to buy prizes. Current donations include restaurant gift certificates, wine, and goodies from Saks. You will do something good for the bunnies and get recognition at the event. Appropriate documentation provided for these tax deductible donations. We can email you an info sheet you can use when talking to businesses.

Contact Sherry at 512-657-2485 or for details

Title: Hop into Saks Fifth Ave. and Support HRRN
Location: Saks Fifth Ave. (on Great Hills Trail in the Arboretum)
Directions: Click here
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2012-03-31
End Time: 19:00

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Easter Photos

The abiliity is to have Easter Photos taken only happens once a year. Having your pictures taken with real rabbits puts a special touch on every photo. Come let us help capture your special Easter memories.


BABY COCO STORE on Marh 23RD & 24TH from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
REGAL CINEMA / WESTGATE on March 24TH & 25TH starting at 10 a.m.
REGAL CINEMA / LAKELINE on March March 31ST & April 1ST starting at 11 a.m.

We will be doing Easter photos at the Baby Coco store again this year. We partner with a professional photographer to provide adorable rabbit models and we receive donations. This is always a fun event and a great way to make money for HRRN

We need groups of volunteers for a morning and afternoon shift each day. Volunteers can bring their own child friendly bunnies or we will provide bunny models from the shelter.
Please let us know if you can help!
Contact Theresa at 512-282-4284 to volunteer
or bring bunnies, who will be immortalized on film!

Title: Easter Photos at Baby CoCo Store
Location: 1515B W. 35th St. Austin Tx. 78703

Directions to Baby CoCo Store: Click here
Directions to Regal Westgate Stadium 11: Click here
Directions to Regal Lakeline Mall 9: Click here

Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2012-03-23 & 2012-03-24
End Time: 17:00

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Special Needs Rabbits

Since the start of 2012 we have had rabbits that have required extensive medical treatment and care.

Here are their stories:

The Professor – is a male, lionhead mix. He was surrendered to Austin Animal Center in early December with his left hind leg broken and an abscess on his heel. The infection had already compromised the bone and it was so painful that he would not put any weight on it. Amputation of the limb was performed on Dec 29th 2011. Medications for pain and infection were given and after 5 days he was well enough to start running again. He does great on just his 3 legs and has made a remarkable recovery.

The Professor was recently paired with Rumi, another HRRN rescue. They have been adopted and are enjoying a great life together. Rumi helps keep the Professors’ ears clean and they are often seen snuggling together. The Professor does not realize that he is missing a back leg and regularly jumps over the xpen to explore!

Baby Jet – was 9 ozs when she was a dropped off as a stray to the Austin Animal Center on Jan 14th. She was very frightened and had abscesses on her nose and behind her ear, probably caused by a cat. She had managed to survive for 4 days without treatment. She required around the clock attention for medication, wound cleaning and monitoring as the medications she was on could affect her eating. After being in HRRNs care for 10 days she had doubled her weight! She received daily treatment for her wounds.
On Feb 17th during her weekly visit to the vet an abscessed area on her hind right leg was found. The infection was removed, and that also needed attention. Rabbits have a tendency to get abscesses in areas unrelated to the original injury. Her weekly vet checkups helped us keep her condition under control. March 31st 2011 was the last day she received medication and treatment.
She was well enough to be spayed in early May and had a great recovery. She is now wondering if a friend is in her future, and she will be checking the rabbits out at HRRN to find her companion! She is now full grown and 7 lbs! She’d like to thank everyone who chipped in to help with her medical costs and treatment.

We’d also like to mention our long term buns that receive medications on a daily basis:
Currently we have:
Eye Meds – Jaci, Pumpkin, Charlie, Sprockett and Freebird
Head Tilt – Dusty, Sable and Cassie

All our rabbits were treated at White Rock Vet, under the care of Dr Todd Riggan and his excellent staff.

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Thank you for Giving to the Cause

spay/neuter cause

Neutering a rabbit is the best gift you can give him. Neutering helps to prevent certain health issues and will make him a better companion. We would like to thank all of those who donated to the “Spay and Neuter Campaign”. With your donations, we were able to spay and neuter 5 rabbits.

special needs cause

We would like to thank all of those who donated to the “Special Needs Campaign”. With your donations, we were able to cover some of the medical expenses for both The Professor and Baby Jet.

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The Christmas Bunny Movie

HOUSE RABBIT RESOURCE NETWORK along with REGAL Cinema & Honey Creek Pictures.


Winner of  Pearl Award – International Family Film Festival (given to the film that “best exemplifies the purity of the family bond”)Saturday, November 5, 2011 @ 10:30 am Regal Arbor Cinema 9828 Great Hills Trail, Austin TX 78759 Also:Photos with Santa & The Christmas Bunny ,Sponsor a Bunny Tree. Proceeds benefit House Rabbit Resource Network, a 501(c)(3) organization rescuing and re-homing abandoned rabbits.

The Christmas Bunny Movie Trailer:

You can purchase your copy of the movie from the HRRN Bunny Boutique

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Anya and Newton-Our Story

anya and newtonDear HRRN,
       I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how great things are going. You know how unsure I was of getting two vs. one, and I am glad to admit I was soooooo wrong. You were absolutely soooooo right. They are wonderful together and have “burrowed” their way into our hearts. Their personalities are coming out. Newton is pretty chilled out and Anya is feisty and inquisitive. They are so excited when we come to let them out of the cage, they can hardly stand it! Busting to get out . . . . and because we’ve been giving them lots of leafy veggie treats, they follow us around like puppy dogs. We are an outdoorsy family and spend as much time as we can in our back yard. The bunnies join us and LOVE it. Lots of bunny binkies. The other animals have welcomed them into the fold as well. Everyone seems really happy, especially the humans. We love our new additions. I can’t imagine not having them now! Thank you.

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Austin Animal Center

The City of Austin invites the community to celebrate the opening of the new Austin Animal Center on its first day of operations Nov. 12, 2011.
The state-of-the art facility will usher in a new level of humane care for lost, abandoned and orphaned animals and will be key to maintaining the City’s current No-Kill status of saving at least 90 percent of the animals that enter the animal shelter.

The 2006 voter-approved $12 million facility has 41,400 square feet and will shift current animal services operations five miles east of the old Town Lake Animal Center that opened in 1952. The City is negotiating a license agreement with the non-profit animal rescue group Austin Pets Alive to temporarily operate City animal adoptions from the Town Lake facility at 1156 W. Cesar Chavez St.

The new location includes expanded and modernized veterinary facilities, improved adoption and customer service areas, larger and more flexible spaces for housing animals, and a large multi-purpose space to provide training and outreach programs, all in a well designed, and environmentally-conscious facility.

“It remains our goal to place all adoptable animals in permanent homes and this new center will help us continue to reach that goal,” Chief Animal Services Officer Abigail Smith said. “The City’s new Animal Center provides a cleaner, safer and an overall healthier environment for the animals, as well as pleasant setting for human visitors, and that means more homeless animals will be saved.”

Artist Brad Goldberg created a 30-foot diameter low limestone spiral of sculptural seating enveloping the walkway to the main entrance of the Animal Center as the Art in Public Places feature of the site. The arcs of the spiral pay homage to the architectural and cultural history of the property, which was once home to the segregated Texas Blind, Deaf and Orphan School.

The 2-foot diameter granite disks are embedded in the paving with sandblasted imagery that traces the history of the site from its earliest geologic origins of being a shallow sea to more recent history that constitutes this neighborhood’s memory.

The project was managed by the City of Austin’s Public Works Department. The architect for the project was Jackson Ryan Architects and the main contractor was VCC. The new Animal Center will be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certified.

Contact: Patricia Fraga, Communications and Public Information
(512) 972-2969,
Communications and Public Information Office (512) 974-2220

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Annual Rabbit Round Up

7th Annual Rabbit Roundup – 10/22/2011
7th Annual Rabbit Roundup

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Wanted – The Cutest Bunny/Bunnies Ever!

wanted poster join us on facebook

We asked our Facebook Fans to post their cutest bunny/bunnies photos on our Facebook wall. The photo that generated the most likes was placed on this Wanted Poster. Jazzy chilling out in a Cool Whip bowl is The Winner of the Cutest Bunny Contest – posted by Mark Wood. Summer in Texas can be brutal and Jazzy showed us all a new way to keep cool. We apprecated and enjoyed everyone’s bunny/bunnies photos. Every bunny is cute and adorable in our eyes. We can’t “Thank all our facebook fans” enough for following HRRN. It is never to late to “like” House Rabbit Resource Network!

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