Housing for Rabbits

Table of Contents

What to Expect Living with a House Rabbit

This page gives an overview of what to expect when living with a house rabbit. If you’ve never lived with a rabbit before, this page is a good place to start. This page is a quick summary that links you to more in-depth articles on each subject within this website.

What To Expect Living with a House Rabbit |Housing

Rabbits and Other Animals

Dogs and cats can become great friends with a rabbit. But every animal is an individual, and some may get along great with a rabbit, while others don’t. Introducing your rabbit to the cat or dog in your home must be done carefully and strategically to ensure the best possible outcome.  This page covers all the different aspects of your rabbit living with other animals in the home.

Why Outside is No Place for a Rabbit

Contrary to popular belief, domestic (AKA “house”) rabbits, do not do well living outside. No matter where you live, there are dangers outside for your rabbit that you cannot protect them from. Statistically, rabbits who live outside live much shorter lives than those kept inside.
Rabbit in an Outdoor Hutch |Why outside is no place for a rabbit

Habitat Types & Ideas

There are lots of different ways to create the perfect living space for your rabbit. But there are some not-so-obvious things to avoid to ensure your rabbit’s safety. Once their habitat is safe and secure, there are lots of cage accessories and toys to make the space the perfect home for your rabbit. Check out what some of our adopters and volunteers have done in their own homes to get some inspiration!
Happy Indoor Rabbit

Rabbit Cage Size and Material Information

Not all rabbit cages are good for your rabbit. In fact, most rabbit cages sold at pet stores are too small and should be avoided. This page covers the minimum size requirements for a rabbit cage, materials to use, and more.

If you live within the Central Texas area (near Austin) House Rabbit Resource Network has custom-built/designed cages for sale. Sadly, due to cost, we cannot ship these cages.

HRRN Rabbit Cage Model

Bunny Proofing Tips & Tricks

Rabbits can be very much like children in the way that they get into everything! If you’ve never cared for a rabbit before, it can be difficult to know exactly what all the dangers are. This page covers all the different things your rabbit can get into, and how to prevent and protect them.

Rabbit Litter Information

Rabbits are smart, but they’re not known for being particularly neat or clean. Teaching them how to use the litterbox can really help with overall cage cleanliness! But not all litters are safe to use for your rabbit. This page reviews everything you need to know about litter for your rabbit.

Rabbit in Litter Box