Rabbit Toys

Good Toys for Rabbits

Good toys for your rabbit are an important part of their living space. But every rabbit is different, and therefore likes different things. There are a variety of rabbit toys out there to meet your rabbit needs.

Be aware that many toys sold at big retailers are not actually good for your bunny. We’ll cover what things are bad for bunny to have in their toys, and things that are good for them. There are several DIY toys you can make for them too!

Toys for Rabbits


Good Rabbit Toys...

Good rabbit toys are made with non-toxic, edible materials. Rabbits chew and dig for fun, as well as for their health. Chewing tough, fibrous materials helps keep their always-growing teeth trimmed. Having a variety of safe toys in their living space will keep your rabbit happy, active and healthy. 

Good Rabbit Toy Materials:

  • Paper bags
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Untreated Wood Boards and Boxes
  • Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls stuffed with hay
  • Mason Jar lid rings connected together to make a “rattler” type toy
  • Untreated wicker balls and baskets
  • Apple Tree Wood Sticks
  • Hay mats and woven balls

Bad Rabbit Toys...

Be aware that many stores sell toys marketed for rabbits, that are actually unsafe or unhealthy for them. Avoid any and all toys that have things with dried fruits, birdseed, candied treats, etc.
Pretty much avoid all small animal toys that are marketed for all small animals or parrots.

Avoid Toys Made With...

  • Treated Wood (Treated wood is wood that has been treated with preservative chemicals with the intent of prolonging its intended usefulness lifecycle compared to untreated wood). Treated wood is used for outdoor decks and structures because it’s resistant to rain and sun damage. But the chemicals the wood is treated with can be toxic to rabbits, so avoid treated wood for anywhere your bunny is.
  • And Chew Sticks or Blocks with Bird Seed, Sweet Feed, Dried Fruit, etc. This is all sugary food that is very bad for your bunny and can cause a lot of digestive issues.
Toys with Sweets and Bird Seed Are Bad for Bunny