Spa AAAH Day

spa daySeptember 17, 2016

HRRN Event Center

110 W. Pflugerville Pkwy

1:00 PM-4:30 PM

Your favorite fall event is next weekend! Bring your favorite bunnies to HRRN Spa Day in our Events Center next to the Pflugerville Shelter. The Bunny Boutique will be open for your shopping fun.

Our exclusive bunny spa experience is very affordable and includes grooming, nail trims, anal gland cleaning, and a brief health check, a relaxing visit in the buntanical garden for yummy greens.

$20.00 first bunny

$15.00 second bunny from same family

$10.00 for third bunny and more

Spa day is TAX FREE DAY for purchases at the Bunny Boutique, so stock up on your bunny essentials and treats!


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