Special Needs Rabbits

Since the start of 2012 we have had rabbits that have required extensive medical treatment and care.

Here are their stories:

The Professor – is a male, lionhead mix. He was surrendered to Austin Animal Center in early December with his left hind leg broken and an abscess on his heel. The infection had already compromised the bone and it was so painful that he would not put any weight on it. Amputation of the limb was performed on Dec 29th 2011. Medications for pain and infection were given and after 5 days he was well enough to start running again. He does great on just his 3 legs and has made a remarkable recovery.

The Professor was recently paired with Rumi, another HRRN rescue. They have been adopted and are enjoying a great life together. Rumi helps keep the Professors’ ears clean and they are often seen snuggling together. The Professor does not realize that he is missing a back leg and regularly jumps over the xpen to explore!

Baby Jet – was 9 ozs when she was a dropped off as a stray to the Austin Animal Center on Jan 14th. She was very frightened and had abscesses on her nose and behind her ear, probably caused by a cat. She had managed to survive for 4 days without treatment. She required around the clock attention for medication, wound cleaning and monitoring as the medications she was on could affect her eating. After being in HRRNs care for 10 days she had doubled her weight! She received daily treatment for her wounds.
On Feb 17th during her weekly visit to the vet an abscessed area on her hind right leg was found. The infection was removed, and that also needed attention. Rabbits have a tendency to get abscesses in areas unrelated to the original injury. Her weekly vet checkups helped us keep her condition under control. March 31st 2011 was the last day she received medication and treatment.
She was well enough to be spayed in early May and had a great recovery. She is now wondering if a friend is in her future, and she will be checking the rabbits out at HRRN to find her companion! She is now full grown and 7 lbs! She’d like to thank everyone who chipped in to help with her medical costs and treatment.

We’d also like to mention our long term buns that receive medications on a daily basis:
Currently we have:
Eye Meds – Jaci, Pumpkin, Charlie, Sprockett and Freebird
Head Tilt – Dusty, Sable and Cassie

All our rabbits were treated at White Rock Vet, under the care of Dr Todd Riggan and his excellent staff.

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