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I am the event coordinator for the shelter.
I got involved with HRRN in the summer of 2015.  My rescue bunny, Emmett, was bonded with my Chocolate Lab who passed away and I was looking for another bunny for him.  I vaguely knew about the bonding process so I searched for bunny rescues not expecting to find one in my own backyard, and certainly not expecting to find a whole shelter dedicated to rabbits.  Emmett did about 2 weeks of “speed dating” before he found his partner, Myles, a big, goofy Californian.  Since he thought he was a dog, he wasn’t easy to bond and I became interested in learning more.  I started spending more time at the shelter learning about bonding, adoptions and general care (boy, was I doing a lot wrong that I didn’t even know!).  I come from an event background and had worked as the national events/sponsorship person for Best Friends Animal Society so I knew I could contribute in a bigger way.  I made some event suggestions (yoga, painting) and we were able to raise much-needed bunny money.  I love being involved with the shelter because everyone is a dedicated volunteer and I feel like my contributions really matter.  I enjoy challenging myself to think of fun ideas which bring in a new audience to learn about bunnies while raising money.

Call: 512-444-3277