Volunteer Application

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering! The House Rabbit Resource Network is always in need of caring, compassionate, and reliable volunteers. We have everything from hands-on animal care to administrative work, running errands, assisting with adoption days, socializing the rabbits, and more!

    All information gathered on this application will be kept strictly confidential and never released outside our organization.
    The minimum age to volunteer is 16. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent's permission to participate and be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times. All volunteers must sign a Volunteer Waiver prior to beginning their volunteer duties. Please complete the following information to the best of your ability.

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    The minimum age to volunteer is 16.
    If you are under 18 we require you to have a parent or adult committed to volunteering with you at all times. We cannot have unaccompanied minors volunteering at this time.
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    What special skills or interests would you like to contribute? Please explain.

    Do you speak a second language? (required) yesno

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    As a potential volunteer, please tell us what you have in mind in terms of a time commitment:(choose all that apply)

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    From time to time for specific projects only
    School/community service; how many hours and completion by what date?
    I am flexible
    Other Please explain:

    In what areas would you prefer to volunteer with our organization? (choose all that apply)

    Rabbit Care including cleaning enclosures, litter box changes, grooming, exercising
    At the Austin Animal Center
    Designated adoption locations
    Rabbit transportion to vet appointments
    Helping at weekend events in the community such as adoption, fundraising and educational events
    Conduct children’s educational events at schools and/or humane society programs
    One-time special events
    Transporting supplies (can be a variety of supplies such as hay, cages/pens, bedding, pellets, etc.)
    Computer work
    Administrative work (helping with paperwork, copying, filing, etc.)
    Promoting rescued rabbits for adoption (distributing flyers, posting adoption notices, etc.)
    Adoption Day Assistant (setting up pens, assisting adoption counselors, assisting with the bunnies)
    Photographer (photos of rabbits for adoption websites, brochures, special events, etc.)


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