Adoption Procedure

Complete an Adoption Application via our website.

Our current adoption prices are:

$125 for a bonded pair/triplet
$95 for single rabbit

An HRRN Adoption Advisor will call you, usually within a few days, to discuss your application, your expectations, and requirements that must be met to adopt. They will also answer any questions you may have about living with a house rabbit. In a typical conversation, this may include questions about diet, exercise, health, behavior, how a rabbit would interact with your other pets, and how to bunny-proof your home. Our goals are to inform you about what it is like to live with a house rabbit and what you can expect by way of financial obligations before you adopt.

Potential adopters who meet HRRN adoption criteria will be invited to meet rabbits at our facility or encouraged to visit the Austin Animal Center. HRRN facilitates the adoptions and care of rabbits at this City of Austin shelter.

Upon meeting the bunnies, your Adoption Advisor will answer your questions about living with a rabbit. Any additional questions you may have are discussed. This may include personality, medical history, age, sex, litter box habits, or special needs (if any).
**Please understand that all of the rabbits that come to us have been rescued. We will not always have a complete life history on most. What we do know about them is communicated to the potential adopter as well full disclosure of any medical history.

If you are ready, and your Adoption Advisor agrees that a good match has been made, the adoption continues.

You get your home set up, rabbit proof the bunny area, acquire his living accommodations, litterbox, water bottle, food, hay, etc. You are invited to shop our Bunny Boutique for your rabbit supplies. We are always happy to share how we have done this in our homes if you are interested. After this, we will do a home visit to answer your questions about bunny proofing, litter training, and concerns that are specific to your bunny’s set-up and home environment. This is a great time to have an experienced bunny-proofer in your home who might catch potential bunny “danger zones” like exposed cords that could easily be made less enticing to a bunny, thus protecting your stuff and your rabbit.

Arrangements are made for your rabbit companion to come home with you. The adoption contract is signed and the adoption fee paid. The contract outlines HRRN’s expectations regarding level of care and states that if for any reason you can no longer care for the rabbit, you will return him/her to HRRN. (insert link to Returns) Our adoption fee is $95 for one rabbit $125 for a bonded pair. (please read Why Do you Charge a Fee? in FAQ’s)

HRRN does not rush an adoption for any reason. We also will not pressure you in any way to adopt a rabbit. We want to ensure that all parties involved are ready and understand the responsibilities and commitments involved before bringing a rabbit home. This is a common pitfall amount people who acquire a rabbit on impulse and why so many rabbits are abandoned at shelters nationwide. Groups such as HRRN then assume responsibility for their care.

You may change your mind about adopting one of our rabbits at any time during the process. Despite best intentions, we understand that as a potential adopter becomes more educated about caring for and living with a house rabbit, they may find they are not yet ready. We respect this decision. However, if after you get your new rabbit home and change your mind, please understand the adoption fee is non-refundable.

After the adoption, HRRN volunteers will always be available to answer your questions or to help adjusting to your new life with a house rabbit. We love to hear back from our adopters as well as receive pictures. Successful adoptions are placed on our web site, so stay in touch!