Bunny Boutique

Due To COVID-19, Bunny Boutique is Curbside Pickup for the Foreseeable Future. Information below.

Bunny Boutique Store

The Bunny Boutique is currently closed for in-person shopping. You can order and pick up all supplies during our Curbside Pickup.

View all of our supplies and their details in our Facebook Album here.

Curbside Pick Up Hours are:
Sunday curbside pickup will be from 1-3 PM.

You must order your supplies beforehand.  To place your Curbside Pick Up Order, please:
Send an email to with the list of items you would like to buy. In the subject of the email please put ORDER.

Deadline for Online Orders:
The deadline for Sunday Curbside Pickup orders is 10 AM that Sunday morning.
Placing orders early is appreciated.

When picking up your order:
Pull up to the shelter during the hours listed above outside of door number 7 (where you usually pick up litter). A phone number will be posted. Call that number and we will bring your order out to your car and take your payment. Credit cards only, please.

HRRN sells reasonably priced rabbit supplies and gifts for the rabbit lover at our Bunny Boutique.  Hay, rabbit food, treats, organic apple sticks, litter boxes, water bowls and bottles and many other items are found in the store.  The profits help support HRRN’s ongoing efforts to provide medical care and find homes for abandoned and injured rabbits.

For directions visit our Bunny Boutique Website
You do not have to be a member of  House Rabbit Resource Network to shop at our boutique! Come on by and shop our store for all your bunny supplies.

You can also buy from us through the Boutique:

  • Rabbit Emergency Kit Never have emergency supplies when you need them? Get a Rabbit Emergency Kit from HRRN. It includes the supplies most commonly needed for emergency situations.
  • Indoor Rabbit Cages We sell indoor rabbit cages to rabbit lovers in Central Texas. Email HRRN for more information and to purchase.
  • Starter Cage Kit Our starter kit includes everything you need to provide a safe place for your bun to live.
    • 1 cage 3’6″ x 2′ x 2′ or 4′ x 2′ x 2′ with loft and 2 straw mats
    • 2 plastic floor mats
    • 1 food crock
    • 1 water bottle
    • 1 hay rack
    • 1 litter box
    • 1 emergency kit
    • 2 toys
    • 1 bag of litter
    • 1 5lb bag of food pellets
    • 1 5lb bag of timothy hay
    • 1 bag of Papaya tablets
Rabbit Starter Cage Kit
  • Rabbit Books! Get your copy of Rabbit Health in the 21st Century from HRRN. There is all sorts of information on caring for your rabbit, including conventional medicine, alternative medicine, and homeopathy.
  • And More!

Call  444-EARS (3277)  or email us with questions!

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