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Our Get Rabbit Help section includes resources and information covering topics such as where to find a Rabbit-Savvy Veterinarian, Rabbit Lost and Found assistance, Bunny Behavior Problems and Solutions, Rabbits and Allergies, Rabbits and Fleas, Surrendering Your Rabbit Information, Rabbit Friendly Apartments in and around the Austin, Tx area. 

And of course, if you can’t find what you need, feel free to contact us. 

More Health and Care related articles can be found in the Rabbit Care Information & Resources section of this website. 

Not all vet’s are created equal when it comes to rabbits. Make sure you find a veterinarian specialized in taking care of rabbits. Find vets in the Texas area as well as nationwide.

House Rabbit Resource Network offers affordable short and long term  rabbit boarding at our shelter in Pflugerville. We also offer $10 nail trims and anal gland cleanings. Schedule any of these services today!

Have you lost your rabbit and don’t know what to do? Or have you found a domestic rabbit and don’t know what to do? Click the button below to find out what can help!

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That cute bunny you recently got suddenly charging, biting, and being aggressive? Or maybe you’re bonded pair is suddenly turning on each other? Check out our tips and tricks to try and help your bunny’s behavior before you decide to surrender or rehome them. .

Rabbit Behavior

Some people are allergic to rabbits, while some are allergic to things that have to do  with rabbits. Check out the link below to figure out what’s causing all that sneezing, itching, and watery eyes!

Rabbit Allergies | Get Rabbit Help | House Rabbit Resource Network

What to do if you find fleas on your rabbit. This page covers what fleas look like and do to your rabbit, what flea medications to use and which to avoid, as well as includes various links to other helpful website that cover flea infestations in rabbits.

fleas on rabbits

Sometimes, there’s no choice than to have to surrender your rabbit to a shelter, or rehome them to a private individual. This page covers general things to consider when having to surrender or rehome your rabbit, as well as surrendering your rabbit to House Rabbit Resource Network and what you can expect. 

Surrendering Your Rabbit | Get Rabbit Help | House Rabbit Resource Network