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House Rabbit Resource Network has compiled a variety of rabbit care information and resources and put it all in one place. You can trust that the information in these pages is correct and vetted by our veteran bunny owners. However, please note that these articles are not to be replacements for taking your rabbit to the vet, these are available to support you along with you veterinarian’s guidance. If you’re concerned about your rabbit’s health and welfare, please contact your rabbit savvy-veterinarian immediately. 


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A summary of all the things you need to know about owning and caring for a rabbit, and the common myths people have about rabbits.

Spaying/neutering your rabbit is very important for health and behavior reasons. Save you and your rabbit a lot of problems and get your bunny fixed!

ER Animal Hospitals near Austin, Tx.
List of Rabbit-Savvy Veterinarians near Austin.
Where to find Rabbit-Savvy Veterinarians nationwide.

Know how to take and understand your rabbits’ temperature, respiration and pulse, and why you need to know them.

Gut Stasis, aka G.I Stasis, or Gastrointestinal Stasis, is one of the most common illnesses in rabbits. Thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest conditions to treat if it’s caught early on, but it can be fatal if it isn’t treated quickly.

Ever heard of Gut Stasis or GI Stasis? Do you know the signs that your rabbit might be having teeth issues? Learn about the most common illnesses and conditions in rabbits here.

Fleas are pesky, and not that uncommon in rabbits. Know the signs, symptoms, and safe treatment for fleas on rabbits.

You can tell a lot about your rabbit’s health by what their poop looks like. Learn the important difference between good bunny poop and bad bunny poop.

An overview of everything that rabbit’s need to eat to stay healthy and happy.

What kind of hay do rabbit’s eat? How much? Why is hay essential for rabbits? Learn this and more in this section.

How much pellets is too much? Too little? Why do we feed rabbits man-made pellets when they never had them in the wild? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this section.

Not all vegetables are safe or good for rabbits to eat. While others are very important to keep your rabbit healthy. Some fruits can be a tasty treat, while others should be avoided. Learn all about Veggies, Fruits, and Treats–good, the bad, and the ugly.

There are some great, and not so great treat products out there for rabbits. Learn which is which, or make your own with some of these friendly rabbit treat recipes!

Know what to expect when living with a house rabbit–the good, the bad, and the destructive aspect of our beloved bunny companions.

A common misconception is that domestic rabbits should live outside. This myth can prove deadly to your rabbit, fast. Learn why and what to do in this section

Get inspired to build and create beautiful, fun, and unique habitats and enrichment toys and accessories for your rabbit.

Like cats, rabbits can be litter trained. Learn how to train your rabbit to use a litterbox, as well as the best types of litter to use.

Wondering if your dog would get along with a rabbit added to your family? What about a cat? Learn all about how rabbits do when living with other animals.

Learn how to protect your home and belongings from the destructive terror that can be a house rabbit.

Learn the minimum size requirements of a cage so your rabbit can be happy and healthy. HRRN also sells custom cages that are a little different than what the pet store in town sells.

Want to know why your rabbit is acting this way or that? Or what it means when they do this or that? Read this section to learn how to speak rabbit fluently.

Want to Know Something Else?

We’re constantly adding and improving our Rabbit Care & Information Resource Library so that rabbit owners and caretakers from everywhere can get the best up to date and correct information regarding all things rabbit. If you want to know about something that your not seeing here, contact us so we can add it!

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