Lost and Found Rabbits

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Lost and Found Rabbits

This page outlines what to do if you’ve found a rabbit (domestic, house rabbit, not wild), if you’ve lost your rabbit, and/or if you need to reclaim your rabbit from the House Rabbit Resource Network shelter in Pflugerville, TX. We’ve also included a list of Lost and Found Facebook Groups for the Central Texas area. 

What to Do if You

Found a Rabbit

If you found a rabbit, please email HRRN at hrrn@rabbitresource.org or message us on our Facebook Page with information about the rabbit such as physical description, location, and whether or not you were able to catch the rabbit. A photo is also super helpful if you can get it.

We will post and share the lost rabbit information to our network of rabbit-owners in hopes of finding the owner.

You can’t always tell if the rabbit was abandoned intentionally, or if they were allowed to hop around outside and got out of their yard and is now lost. That’s why even if you suspect the rabbit was intentionally abandoned, we always search for the owner first, then if after a good effort no owner steps forward or is found, we move on to the rehoming part. 

Found Rabbit Post on Facebook
If You Can Keep the Rabbit While Searching for Owner

If you found a lost rabbit and were able to catch them and bring them home with you, here are some things you can do to start trying to find the rabbit’s owner:

~ Post a photo of the rabbit and the information about where you found the rabbit to all local area Lost and Found Facebook Pages

~ Post photo and information on Nextdoor.com

~ Create “Found Rabbit” flyers and post around the area you found the rabbit. This may be considered “old and outdated” but it still works!

**Note: If someone claims to be the rabbit’s owner, require they show photo ID proof of the rabbit or veterinary records. Do not give out information about yourself besides the method in which you would like to be contacted. Only meet people in public areas, and make sure a family member or friend knows who you have been speaking to and when and where you will be meeting. 

If You Can't Keep the Rabbit While Searching for Owner

If you’re unable to catch the rabbit, or for whatever reason are not able to keep the rabbit with you while searching for the owner: 

~ Call your local animal shelter to find out if they are able keep the rabbit until the owner is found. **Make sure to ask what they will do with the rabbit if the owner is not found—some smaller shelters have no choice but to euthanize without even attempting adoption for smaller animals like rabbits.

~ If your local animal shelter is one who will euthanize the rabbit, please contact us immediately (hrrn@rabbitresource.org or 512-444-3277) and we will help you in finding a temporary foster, or find you a nearby animal shelter who will take care of the rabbit until we are able to make space at HRRN.

If you need information regarding rabbit care (rabbits don’t live on carrots!) while you try and find the owner, please contact us so we can give you the necessary care information, or check out our Rabbit Care 101 Guide on this website!

What to Do if You

Lost Your Rabbit

If you’ve lost your rabbit, there are steps you can do right away to try and get them back to you. See the different steps below:

  • Visit your local animal shelter as well as the surrounding area animal shelters to search for your lost rabbit. Well-meaning people may take your rabbit to the most convenient animal shelter for them, and it may not be the one you would check. Most shelters hold animals for only three days before placing for adoption, so be sure to visit as quickly as possible and visit once per day to look for your missing rabbit.
  • Search for your rabbit as well as post photos and information about your lost rabbit on Nextdoor.com and Craigslist in the Community section under Lost & Found and Pets.
  • Join the your city’s Lost and Found Pets Facebook page and post photos and information about your missing rabbit. Make sure to repost every few days so new people can see the post.
  • Search HRRN’s adoptable rabbit database to see if your lost rabbit has come to us: Search for Your Lost Rabbit .  Normally, it takes several weeks for a rabbit to be “adoptable”, so if they’ve just recently gone missing, email us or contact us on our Facebook Page  so we can check our newest intakes. 
  • Last but not least, “Lost Pet” flyers posted around neighborhoods and local stores with a photo of your rabbit may help find your rabbit. 

Lost and Found Rabbits

Reclaiming Your Rabbit From House Rabbit Resource Network


HRRN pulls rabbits from several surrounding public animal shelters in Central Texas, so if your rabbit was brought in to the local shelter as a stray and not reclaimed, we may have them now!

Search our adoptable rabbit database to see if your lost rabbit has come to us: Search for Your Lost Rabbit .  If you find that your rabbit is at our shelter, please contact us immediately at hrrn@rabbitresource.org or call 512-444-EARS (3277) .

To reclaim your rabbit from HRRN:

  1. You must email us at hrrn@rabbitresource.org with proof of ownership: vet records or a clear photo ID of your rabbit. 
  2. We will set up a meeting time for you to come pick up your rabbit. Bring the proof of ownership like vet records or a photo ID of your rabbit to reclaim. You will also need your photo ID. We accept Driver’s license, US or International passport, Government or other official photo identification, and Mexican Consulate Cards.
  3. Please bring a carrier of some sort to transport your rabbit safely home. 

Need Assistance? Contact Us Today

Please Note: We’re only able to offer Lost and Found assistance for those in the Central Texas area.

512.444.EARS (3277)

HRRN has an answering service. Please leave a message and one of our volunteers will call you back.