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Make a Big Difference in a Shelter Bunny's Life

Sponsor a Shelter Rabbit

House Rabbit Resource Network’s “Sponsor a Shelter Rabbit” program is a great way to help and support HRRN without having to adopt a rabbit, or if you don’t have time to volunteer. 

When you sponsor a shelter rabbit (s), you can donate with the confidence that we will manage your donation professionally and effectively to help as many rabbits as possible.

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How to Sponsor a Shelter Rabbit

Visit our Adoptable Rabbits page to find a rabbit you’d like to sponsor, or you can leave the rabbit name blank in the sponsorship application and we’ll sponsor the rabbit we fill is in the most need. 

**Sponsorship Application Under Construction as of 12/19/2023**

Hey folks! Apologies for the inconvenience, but we are currently working on getting our sponsorship application up and running smoothly, and it’s taking a bit more time than expected. For the time being, please donate the amount you want to sponsor a rabbit for in our general donation fund, and then just send an email to hrrn@rabbitresource.org with the subject line “Sponsorship” and the amount you donated, and our shelter manager will take it from there! 

Thank you all for your patience and understanding while we work on this,
-The HRRN Website Team

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What Sponsoring a Shelter Rabbit Really Means

Sample of the Sponsorship Certificate that you will receive and will be hung on our sponsorship wall on at the shelter.

When you sponsor a rabbit at House Rabbit Resource Network, you purchasing that shelter rabbit’s basic living costs for 1 year. With your donation covering their living costs we will be able to purchase new enrichment toys for them, making their wait for a forever home a little easier. And when they get adopted, they get to take their toys with them to their new home!

Did you know over the course of a year, one shelter rabbit will:

~ Eat 33 lbs. of Purina pellets $10

~ Use 145 lbs. of litter $20

~ Eat 85 lbs. of hay $30

~ Bunny Basics $60

You are welcome to sponsor any of the rabbit’s that are in need of sponsorship below. You can sponsor one, two, or as many as you like. If you don’t have a particular rabbit in mind, just leave the name blank in the sponsorship form and we will sponsor a rabbit who needs it the most with your donation. 

We value your privacy; HRRN will not sell or share your information.

When You Sponsor a Shelter Rabbit

~ You will receive a Sponsorship Certificate, and a Cage Tag recognizing your support. 

~ We post every sponsorship with a thank you in our Facebook Sponsorship Album (you can choose whether to allow your first name and last initial or to leave it blank on the application form).

~ See our Sponsorship Album on Facebook

~ With your donation covering the rabbit’s living costs, HRRN is able to purchase new enrichment toys, making the rabbit’s wait for their forever home a little easier.

~ We encourage you to come and visit your rabbit(s) and spend some snuggle time with them.

Example of our Sponsorship recognition graphic posted in our Facebook Sponsorship albums

Sponsor a Rabbit | House Rabbit Resource Network

Give The Gift of A Sponsorship

Sponsoring a shelter rabbit can be given as meaningful gifts, or a wonderful way to remember a loved one.

Sponsor a Rabbit as a:

  • Birthday gift
  • Anniversary gift
  • As party gifts (sponsor a rabbit for each guest and give them the certificate)
  • Mother or Father’s Day gift
  • In memory of a loved one
  • A gift to someone who can’t adopt a rabbit right now. 

Rabbits Needing Sponsored

Coming Soon

We’ll be listing rabbits who could benefit from sponsorships here, so please check back soon. In the meantime, if you can still sponsor any shelter rabbit by visiting our Adoptable Rabbits page and picking an rabbit(s) from that list, or you can let one of our knowledgeable staff pick for you.

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