How Can I Help HRRN?

How Can I Help House Rabbit Resource Network?

HRRN Alumni Boulder showing the beginning stages of head tilt

There are lots of ways to help House Rabbit Resource Network that don’t involve adopting, volunteering, or donating money.

Below you will find a list of options for how you can help House Rabbit Resource Network. Some ideas are very straightforward, others are definitely a bit “out of the box”, but we’ve had great success with creative ways for people to help the shelter, so we included them! 

We’ve tried to include both options for people in the area and those who don’t live close enough to visit the shelter. 

Photo of Bunny Yoga at the HRRN shelter for one of our events
A popular event at HRRN is Bunny Yoga! Join us for a relaxing yoga class at the HRRN Event Center, while shelter bunnies hop around you!

Come to One of Our Events!

If you didn’t know already, our rabbit-only shelter is located in Pflugerville, Texas, about 15 to 20 minutes outside of Austin, Texas. 

Along with our shelter full of adoptable bunnies, we have an Event Center next door where we host most of our events.  Some of the fun events we’ve hosted in the past and plan to continue having are: Bunny Yoga, Bunny Spa Day, Rabbit FunRun, Reds Whites and Bunnies, Movies at the Shelter, Painting with a Hop, and so much more! 

Check out our Facebook page and sign up for our e-Newsletter to know when each of these fun events is happening!

Sign Up for Our e-Newsletter

Our Shelter e-Newsletter is a great way to stay informed about all the happenings at the HRRN shelter.

Normally, at the beginning of each month we send a e-newsletter updating everyone on things such as that month’s adoptions, adopted rabbit updates, our upcoming events, maybe a rabbit health article, and anything else we feel is important for you to know.

Sponsoring a shelter rabbit pays for one rabbit’s  food and litter for one whole year! With the basics paid by the sponsorship, HRRN is able to purchase enrichment toys for the sponsored rabbit, making their wait for a forever home more comfortable.  When they get adopted, they get to take their toys with them!

When you sponsor a shelter rabbit, you’ll receive a Sponsorship Certificate, a Cage Tag on your rabbit’s cage recognizing your support, and a personal shout out/thank you in HRRN’s Facebook album of sponsored rabbits. (If you wish to not have your first name and last initial posted in the Facebook album, that is easily declined when filling out the sponsorship application). 

Sponsoring a rabbit also makes a great gift for the animal lover in your life.

Organize a Group Volunteer Day to House Rabbit Resource Network
Group Volunteer Days with House Rabbit Resource Network

Many companies and civic clubs have one or more Volunteer Days within their organization that allow their employees or members to choose a nonprofit to volunteer with for a day. We welcome the extra help and will work with your group’s schedule to make your volunteer day a great and memorable one, and for you all to know you are making a big difference to our rescue rabbits.

These group volunteer days help the shelter out tremendously with the extra man power, letting us get done things we normally don’t have enough people for. If you’re interested, email us today to begin making arrangements!

Throw a Fundraiser Party for House Rabbit Resource Network

Throw a Fundraiser Party!

Whether it be for physical items on our wishlist, or monetary donation collection, having a fundraising party can be a fun, inspiring way for a group of people to make a difference. 

We’ve had kids ask for donations in lieu of birthday gifts at their parties before, we’ve had people sponsor a rabbit for each guest’s party gift, there are so many cool ways to incorporate giving!

Currently, our wish-list on amazon is being updated, so we ask that if you’d like to donate physical items to the shelter to please email us and we’ll give you a list of the most currently urgent items we may need. 

Follow Us on Social Media!

Supporting us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube helps spread the word about our rescue so that more people adopt, volunteer, and donate to the only rabbit rescue in Central Texas!

HRRN sells reasonably priced rabbit supplies and gifts for the rabbit lover at our Bunny Boutique. 

Located right next to the shelter, we stock quality Timothy and Orchard Grass hays in varying sizes, rabbit pellets, our specially formulated Papaya Tablets (which you can purchase in the store or online), yummy treats and chew toys such as organic apple sticks, litter boxes, water bowls and bottles, specially made Rabbit Emergency Kits (purchased in store or online) and many other items that your rabbit is sure to love. All the shop’s profits support HRRN’s ongoing efforts to provide medical care and find homes for abandoned and injured rabbits.

Volunteer with House Rabbit Resource Network
Volunteer with House Rabbit Resource Network


We know you most likely have a very busy life between family, work, and social groups, but hear us out! We have lots of different volunteer positions available ranging in time, labor, and skill level. Meaning, we have daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly volunteer opportunities available. Even if you only have an hour on the third Monday of every month to donate some time, we can most likely work with that!

If you think this may work for you, check out our volunteer page to see some of the volunteer opportunities available and how you can begin!

Other Ways You Help House Rabbit Resource Network