Pellet Feeder

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Pellet Feeder

What is a PelletFeeder?

Being a Pellet Feeder (a Pelleter, maybe?) at House Rabbit Resource Network means that you are in charge of giving the shelter bunny’s their ration of pellets, which gives them their daily requirement of vitamins, minerals, and some extra fiber to help keep digestion going smoothly. 

What all does the job entail?

The job of Pellet Feeder position is a low impact job, only requiring you to bend down or reach up and open the cage cage, take our the designated food bowl (aka crock), pour the correct amount and type of pellets in, and give it back to the rabbit. 

You have a designated pellet cart with wheels that has everything you need to wheel around the shelter floor and give everyone their food.

We feed two different types of pellets at the shelter, depending on the rabbit’s nutritional needs. Each cage has a cage card that tell you which type of pellet they need and how much of it. Within a few shifts most of volunteers are able to memorize most of the rabbit’s pellet type and portion and are able to whip through it rather quickly.

The physical restrictions of this job would most be the bending down or reaching up–though we do have stool for that. No heavy lifting besides replenishing the pellet container if you run out, but if a 40lb bag is too heavy we can have someone help you with that. 

Designated Pellet Cart
Designated pellet cart with pellets, scoops, clean crocks and a place for dirty ones to be washed and sanitized.

How long does this take per visit?

Depending on the number of rabbits at the shelter (our numbers vary from about 150 to 215), the job can take anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour and a half for most volunteers. Normally our pellet feeders can be in and out relatively quickly once you memorize who gets what.

You can choose whether or not you’d like to split your shift with someone, or if you prefer to do the entire shift on your own. Each volunteer has their own preference for this, some enjoy having a friend to chat with and make the job go extra quick, some prefer to enjoy the quiet time and hang out with the rabbits.

When do I need to be at the shelter to feeds pellets?

We feed pellets in the mornings, anywhere from 6 am to 10:30 am is fine. We just ask that you give our volunteer coordinator a general idea of when you will be there.

What if something happens and I can't make it?

We get it, things happen. We ask that if you are unable to make it to your shift to let our Volunteer Coordinator know as soon as possible, so she can get someone else to take your shift. Notices given under 24 hours are incredibly stressful and disruptive to our Volunteer Coordinator, as well as all of our other volunteers, and we ask that you try to ensure we have notice of needing to fill your shift with over 24 hours notice. 

If shifts are continually being missed, even if with notice being given, we will need to look at getting you another position, as shift changes affect all our volunteers and their lives. 

But, we understand sometimes that much notice can’t be given, emergencies happen. For these instances, just let us know as soon as possible. Once again because of the importance of this job, if several short notice emergencies occur within a short period of time, we may ask that you either take a break from volunteering until things settle down where you can be more consistent schedule-wise, or see if there is a more fluid volunteer opportunity that may work better for you. 

How much rabbit interaction do I get?

Being the Pellet Feeder is one of the most popular roles to the shelter bunnies, as pellets are the yummiest! So you will be very popular and adored by all the shelter bunnies.

The pellet feeder role gives you a lot of one-on-one personal time with the rabbits. While filling pellet bowls, we encourage our volunteers to give head pets and talk to our rabbits. You’ll begin creating relationships with several rabbits, and its always fun to see their ears perk up when they hear your voice. 

Want to become a Pellet Feeder?

Yay! We’re so happy you think being a Pellet Feeder is the right volunteer opportunity for you! Please fill out our volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you within a few days to schedule your first day at the shelter.


If you still have questions about this position, please contact our volunteer coordinator at [email protected]