HRRN Intake of 56 Rabbits! Donations Needed for Medical Care


56 rabbits were surrendered to a local shelter yesterday evening. You read that right, 56 rabbits!

French lops, Rex’s and more! A breeder decided to surrender 56 of their rabbits (we’re not sure if that was all of them or not) to the local county shelter, which had no means of caring for that many rabbits. So the shelter called us with a desperate plea to help these rabbits.

And we did.

56 rabbits surrendered. Please consider donating to help them.

Thankfully, most appear to be in relatively good health and condition. A few upper respiratory infections, and some eye issues due to being in not-so-clean conditions, but overall, their health could be much worse. However, that doesn’t mean we still won’t be taking each and every one to be examined by our rabbit-savvy vet, getting them all the medical care they need, including but not limited to: microchip, internal and external parasite treatments, Pasteurella and RHDV vaccines, and all of them need to be spayed/neutered.

This is the perfect example of exactly where your money goes when you donate to House Rabbit Resource Network. With this emergency surrender on our hands, we are funneling all donation funds to help these rabbits have a better life outside of the tiny breeder cages they’ve spent their whole lives in. Your donation will go to getting them vet checks, medical treatments, spayed or neutered, and in turn, ready for adoption so they can have their second chance at find that loving forever home that sees them as a family member.

Thank you to everyone who has donated or helped to get these rabbits settled in at the shelter. We truly appreciate the kindness being shown to them.

These rabbits will need support with vet care and spay/neuter. Thank you for your donations!

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