In Memory of Terry Deubel


April 25th 2020 Terry Deubel passed away. In lieu of flowers the family has asked for donations to HRRN in memory of Terry.

Terry Deubel, you are loved and missed.

Terry was an advocate of HRRN, many other shelters and of all animals. She and her husband Ken volunteered, donated to the Rojo Fund, donated the canvases for The Bunny Painting Event each year and more. Most impressively they gave 26 rabbits their forever homes since 2012. Terry gave homes to the “special” bunnies. The old, head tilt, deformed, and sick rabbits. She could never pass up taking home the rabbits that had been in the shelter for too many years. Not to mention the dogs, cats, and guinea pigs she rescued.

Terry was truly a selfless person with a heart of gold. She would do anything for anyone or animal. She will be missed.

Donate to the Deubel Memorial Fund.

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