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Lindsay came to HRRN in 2010 in search of a new friend for her bunny Bandit. Bandit found love with shelter bun Bella, who Lindsay still has, and Lindsay liked HRRN so much that she decided to volunteer! (And we’re so glad she did!). Lindsay began like most volunteers, clearning cages and litter boxes for a few hours a week. Soon, she added haying and bunny bonder to her volunteers activities. After awhile, she learned how to give the shelter bunnies their meds, and take fecal floats to test for parasites (which we do on every single shelter bunny). She helped implement our Sponsor a Shelter Rabbit program, and still does a lot of work with that. Before you know it, Lindsay was managing a large part of the daily shelter activities, and so it only seemed logical for her to become a board member in 2013 and recieve the official title of Shelter Coordinator.
Lindsay keeps the shelter running smoothly and in tip-top shape. As Shelter Coordinator, she does most everything vet related to keep the shelter bunnies healthy– drop-off/pick up from vet appointments, medications, fecal floats, Pasteurella vaccinations, home care, schedules/coordinates the petsitting program, and last but definitely not least, she creates and manages HRRN’s yearly calendar fundraiser which is hugely successful.
Lindsay is a wonderful resource for all things bunny-related, especially health wise. Her goals for the upcoming years are to continue rescuing as many rabbits in need as the shelter can possibly take, continuing to get all the shelter rabbits switched from their current cage sizes of 3.5 feet to 4 feet, getting the grooming and exercise schedule set up on the computer to allow for easier management, and to tidy her desk area up at the shelter (a low priority, but its still a goal!).
We don’t know what we would do without our awesome Shelter Coordinator and her endless energy to give everything she has for the shelter bunnies. We are grateful and lucky to have her on our team!

Call: 512.444.3277