Bunny Boutique & Shelter Updates: Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Hi all! Dr. Sherry, President of HRRN, here. Since Austin has now implemented Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions today, we reluctantly have to implement immediate changes to reduce traffic in the shelter. This is for the safety of our volunteers and their families. We will reassess these rules as this dynamic situation changes and hope to be back to business as usual soon.

Starting immediately:

  • Shelter is closed to all “visitors”, only volunteers.
  • Adoption appointments are on hold for now.
  • No grooming, nail trims or boarding (only in emergency situations).
  • Scheduled T-shirt pick ups for the Rabbit Fun Run are cancelled and will be rescheduled.

The Bunny Boutique is closed starting now for in person shopping. If you need basic supplies, follow the instructions below:
Send an email to hrrn@rabbitresource.org with your order.
The deadline for online orders is 10 am on Sunday. Placing orders early is appreciated.
Sunday drive by pickup will be from 1-4 pm.
For example: for this Sunday 3/22, the deadline for ordering is 10 am on Sunday 3/22.
Pull up to the shelter Sunday from 1-4 pm outside of door number 7 (where you usually pick up litter) a phone number will be posted. Call that number and we will bring your order out to your car and take your payment. Credit cards only please.

During this time orders are limited to the following:

  • 1 bag of litter
  • 2 bags of hay (if our size hay is not available, we will substitute next largest size)
  • 2 bags of feed
  • Medical supplies including emergency kits, oxbow support or critical care
  • We are out of papaya tablets at this time

We know this is an anxious time and we are here to help. Email us with questions and we will reach out to you. Please stay home if you can, wash your hands and don’t touch your face. Stay home if you feel sick. And use this extra time at home to love on your bunny!

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