2019 Sponsorship Close Out


We end the year with photos of the first sponsored rabbits of 2019, and the last. What’s neat about this is that Kumme, Iri, Dez, & Zece are all from the same litter! We love how they started and ended our sponsorship year for us.

Kumme & Ire, our first sponsored bunnies in 2019.
Dez & Zece, our last sponsored bunnies of 2019.

Interested in sponsoring a rabbit for 2020? You can sponsor any rabbit at the shelter you want, and if you don’t know who to choose, we can choose the rabbit who needs it the most for you. You can donate however much you want towards a sponsorship, but $75 helps feed one rabbit for an entire year. When a rabbit’s costs are covered, it allows us to buy extras for them like enrichment toys and treats! And when they are adopted, their toys go with them!

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