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We wanted to introduce to you all our friends over at The Cats Meow CBD. They recently held a raffle to help HRRN with our 25 rabbit intake, with the raffle prize being 500mg of CBD oil.

The Cats Meow CBD: Dwiggins (rabbit) and Mia (dog).
The Cats Meow CBD: Dwiggins (rabbit) and Mia (dog).

The Cats Meow CBD’s story began back in 2017 when Heather, Founder/CEO, was searching for a CBD product for her 10 year old rabbit Dwiggins and his dog sister Mia (both shown in photo above).
Dwiggins had suffered from many health challenges throughout is life, and Heather wanted to find something to help make his last few years more comfortable.

Through a friend she was given a bottle of CBD oil and she asked her vet if it could be used in rabbits. Though there aren’t many studies on CBD and rabbits (yet), her vet said give it a try and report back.

Heather was astounded by how well the CBD helped Dwiggins and Mia with their different medical problems. That’s when she became a believer, and she is forever grateful for the quality of life CBD oil gave to her bunny Dwiggins in his final years. He passed away in June if 2018 still using the product.

Heather started The Cats Meow CBD company and recently relocated to Round Rock in 2019. She is a fellow bunny and animal lover and we’re excited to have her here in Texas!

The Cats Meow CBD can be found here:
Instagram: @thecatsmeowcbd

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